Our Mission
Our mission is to heal people through the power of food, providing all of the goodness for none of the effort.
Food as medicine
We believe that the kitchen is our pharmacy and that improving your well-being can be delicious. By consuming high vibrational whole foods, and using plant-forward, unprocessed ingredients that support your gut microbiome, we can improve all sorts of health markers. Our tailored food plans are based on nutritional science and holistic tradition such as Ayurvedic principles. We are compelled by a future where food is viewed as a means to prevent and cure ailments before the requirement of medication.
Food Connects
Food reunites, it brings us together. With our community at heart, we aim to help you reconnect to each other. We believe it is all about honoring the many enjoyable roles food plays in our lives such as our connection to nature, cultures, traditions, social connections, and pleasure. The best way to nurture our health is by reconnecting people with their communities, with nature, and with honest foods that deliver optimal nutrition. We build partnerships with local organizations and find ways to give back to the communities we work with.
Food for our Future
As we are all part of nature, we believe food production should prioritize the health of both people and the planet. We never discriminate based on eating preferences, but we do believe that a plant forward diet is the future. That’s why we are sourcing from only fair, local, and/or organic farms, and we continually weigh pros and cons regarding transport, emissions, certifications and labels. We reduce food waste through our meal planning and preparation, deliver on e-bikes and use packaging materials that are as environmentally responsible as possible.
My Story
As far back as I can remember, I loved being in the kitchen with my grandmother. I enjoyed stirring soup pots and adding spices to dishes. I was always experimenting and trying new things, even if that meant burning a few pancakes along the way. I relished the colours, sounds, and smells of the food markets and the interaction and energy in restaurant kitchens. I paid close attention whenever we dined out or watched Jamie Oliver's craftsmanship on TV.  

My parents run a health practice, and even though eating organic wasn’t ‘in fashion’ yet and never having sugary candies in the house wasn’t ‘cool’, it laid the foundation for my interest in health. Once I learned that most chronic diseases are preventable or curable through the power of food as medicine, I knew that this would become part of my mission. As I grew older, I realised the importance of nutrition is still so overlooked in our current healthcare system. Whenever I would get the chance to preach about it to friends and family, I would. I studied business in France, worked in many different kinds of creative industries like fashion and interior design, only to always come back to food. So I started cooking for friends and family and hosting dinner parties. I've felt the need to honor all the enjoyable roles food plays in our lives whilst nourishing our bodies, and believe that food is more than physical nourishment on a cellular level. Food is so powerful. It connects us, and eating and cooking together changes the way we feel, builds social connection and communities, and shapes our culture.

I became a nutritionist and private chef (an escalated hobby that turned into a full time job), focusing on creating plant-forward meals that were not only delicious but also nutritious. The more I saw how many people struggle to find the time and resources to prepare healthy meals, the more I wanted to help more people nourish themselves. That's why I founded Olindas, a conscious, healthy food delivery service that provides healing and delicious whole-foods so I can help people feel their best. With every meal we deliver, we're helping people take care of themselves and prioritise their health, one delicious meal at a time.

A private chef ánd nutritionist in one?

Delivering you ready-to-(h)eat, delicious ánd nutritious meals, with the convenience of home delivery.